Welcome to Dotpost

Introducing Dotpost

Dotpost® is a secure delivery system allowing you to receive communications such as appointments, bills, statements, payslips or indeed any form of communication from organisations you trust, direct to your own digital Dotpost inbox.

Unlike email, you know that the communication has come direct from an organisation you already have a relationship with and you do not need to worry about the communication being fraudulent.

You are in control. You have to allow an organisation to send to you via Dotpost. Dotpost will not send you unsolicited communications.

 ...and it's free to use.

Sounds good, how do I start? 

To use Dotpost, you need to be invited by a trusted organisation to join Dotpost. They will supply you with a 16 character Activation Code‍. You will need this to register.



The activation code is time sensitive. It will expire if not used within 30 days from creation.

Once registered, your trusted organisations (known as Senders) can deliver communications to your account when required. You can then access these in your Dotpost inbox.


  • Go to dotpost.com/register
  • Enter the activation code from your invitation and your postcode from the address on the invitation. i.e. You use the postcode from the address the invitation was sent to.
  • If there is no postcode click No Postcode and enter the full address as it appears on your invitation letter (even if it has mistakes).
  • Complete the registration form with your details

Passwords must be at least 8 characters

When choosing a password, you should:

  • not use a password you use on any other website - always use a unique password
  • not use a family/pet name, memorable place, birthday etc - people may be able to find these details on social media
  • make it at least 8 characters long - we recommend 12 characters or longer
  • use a mix of letters, numbers and punctuation - ideally, at least one of each
  • consider using a phrase rather than a word - it may be easier to remember
  • use a password manager to generate and store a complex password for you
  • Complete the security questions. 
    • These are used in case you forget your password. Your answers are stored in a way that they cannot be read by anyone. 
  • Optional - agree to receive marketing.
  • Read the Terms and Conditions‍ and Privacy Policy‍ 
  • Accept by selecting the check box.
  • Check that the email address shown in the confirmation box is correct and click Finish Signup
  • Dotpost will send a verification email‍ to the email address you specified.


You have not completed registering until you have verified the account by clicking the link in the verification email.

  • Click the link in the email to activate your account.
    • This link is time sensitive and will expire.
    • If you do not receive a verification email or the link has expired, click resend verification to complete the registration process. 
  • Once your account is active you can now login and access your inbox. 

You can change your account details (password, email, security questions) at any time by accessing My Dotpost from the web app. This is also where you can change your marketing preference.

Accessing your Inbox

Once registered, you can access your inbox‍ . This will contain documents from the trusted organisation (sender) that invited you.

You can access your inbox using a web browser on any device.


To make it easier to access Dotpost from a mobile device you can add the Dotpost website to your mobile home screen