Dotpost Emails

Dotpost will send out different types of emails relating to your account. These emails are system emails and will come from and will be sent to your Dotpost account email address‍. 



We recommend adding to your email address book to make sure that Dotpost system emails are delivered to your email inbox and not mis-identified as spam or junk.

The different types of emails are 

New Document Delivered This is sent when a new document has been delivered from one of your senders. The sender will be indicated in the email.
You can control how often these notifications are sent in Notification Settings.‍ 
Dotpost Security Info Changed This email is sent when your security information has been updated.
Dotpost Activation This email is sent as part of the registration process. Your account will not be activated until you click the link in this email.
Dotpost Email Address Verification This is sent when you change your email address within Dotpost. You must click the link to complete the verification process.
Password Reset This email is sent if a password reset is requested. 
Dotpost Announcement This a system announcement regarding a change to the Dotpost service, terms or privacy policy.

The verification links in the emails are time sensitive and will expire.