Senders Explained

What is a Sender?

A sender is a trusted organisation that you will accept documents from. This is an organisation you already know and have contact with such as your hospital, your employer or your council. 

Senders use Dotpost to deliver documents digitally. You will have to allow a sender to deliver to your inbox. You do this by using an Activation Code‍ that the sender will send to you via the normal post (i.e. a letter through your letterbox).

You can use this activation code during registration if you are a new user or via Add New Sender if you already have a Dotpost account.

Managing Senders

Accessing Senders from the main menu allows you to see all the senders you have currently allowed.

Each sender is shown with details

Sender Name This is the name that the sender is identified by in Dotpost. This is the name that will appear in the From column in your inbox‍. 
Date started This is the date that the sender started sending you documents via Dotpost.
Identification method Senders can use different ways to identify you. This may or may not include your address.
If the address is used and you change your address, you should notify your sender and they will send you a new activation code to link to your new address.
Address entries You may have one or more entries for a sender.
An entry is added when you activate your activation code. This links you to the sender and allows them to send to you. If the address is inaccurate, you may wish to notify the sender and they can amend their records and issue a new activation code if required.

From the Senders window you can

  • Add new sender
  • View documents from the sender
  • Remove a sender
  • Remove an address

Add New Sender

If you wish to allow the organisation that has sent you the activation code‍ to deliver documents to you via Dotpost, then they need to be added as a Sender to your account.


You can only add or modify senders via the web app. Senders cannot be accessed via the mobile apps.

  1. Go to
  2. Login using your email address and password.
    • If you have forgotten your password, you can reset it by following the Forgot your password link.
  3. Go to Senders
  4. Select Add New Sender
  5. Enter the activation code from your invitation and your postcode from the address on the invitation. i.e. You use the postcode from the address the invitation was sent to.
    • If there is no postcode click No Postcode and enter the full address as it appears on your invitation letter (even if it has mistakes).
  6. Click Add Sender
  7. The sender will now be shown in your Senders window.

This sender will now be able to send documents to you via Dotpost.


Existing Sender

If you already have this sender in your Senders list, it is important that you add this new activation code or you may not receive all the documents sent by this sender into your Dotpost inbox. This new activation code may relate to a different type of communication or to a different department that wishes to send you documents.

View Documents

This shortcut takes you to your inbox‍ and shows you all the documents you have received from this sender.

Remove a Sender

When you remove a sender they will no longer be able to send you new documents via Dotpost. Any existing documents you have already received will remain in your inbox.

Remove an Address

You may have multiple addresses shown against a sender. This may happen for different reasons

  • you may receive different types of communications from the same sender but each of these uses a slightly different address or name format. 
    • Example: 12 Test Avenue is different from 12 Test Ave. and you would have received 2 activation codes.
  • you may have moved address
  • another reason that caused a sender to issue you with a new activation code

You can choose to remove an address via the Remove Address option. This will remove this address however it is also removing that link to the sender and they will no longer be able to send documents to you via Dotpost using that address. 

Example: Your weekly statements are sent to 12 Test Ave. and your annual statements are sent to 12 Test Avenue. If you remove 12 Test Ave. you will no longer be able to receive your weekly statements.


We recommend caution when removing addresses.

 If you remove the only address record against this sender, this sender will no longer be able to send you any documents via Dotpost.


Not all senders identify you via the address. This means that although the address shown is no longer accurate the sender can still send you new documents via Dotpost.

Contacting your Sender

Dotpost allows a sender to deliver documents to you. You cannot reply via Dotpost. If you wish to contact your sender you must do this using other methods.